Wooden Windows
Wooden Windows


This is the traditional sliding sash window manufactured in both Softwood and Hardwood, the sashes are hung on traditional lead weights, and are rebated for single glazing.

Glazing can be either putty pointed or secured by beads. The window has the benefit of being fully draught sealed.


This is a window constructed as it has been for over 300 years, but having incorporated all the up to date technology, by way of seals and use of Double Glazed Units.

To comply with Scottish building regulation, the window can have the simplex system fitted, which allows the bottom sash to open inwards, for cleaning purposes.

The window can have traditional Glazing Bars (36mm) incorporating individual Double Glazed Units. Alternatively, they can be supplied with astragals (24mm) bonded to the Double Glazed Units, within the Double Glazed Units there would be an ‘authentic’ grille so as to replicate individual units.


The traditional vertical straight sliding window has been made for the last 300 years or more, in this window however, we have two modifications, one is that the sashes are operated by spiral /spring balances.

The other is that we have applied up to date technology and design to the seals. The sashes are secured with a solid brass/chrome Fitch Fastener.

This window is now available in an Energy Efficient model.

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