Commercial Doors

Commercial Doors & Windows

Framing sections are all 45mm wide x 100mm deep box section size. Door sections offer a range of stiles and rails to construct a wide variety of door types including rebated and anti-finger trap options.

Vertical mullions with horizontal transoms fixed by driving screws into preformed screw ports. All loads are transmitted, from transom to mullion, from mullions to a supporting structure by correctly designed fixing brackets to primary structure. Series 200 GFT is not self-supporting and requires structural grounds and head, cill and intermediate levels if required by structural analysis. All joints must be silicone sealed. Glass units or panels are installed by shuffle glazing the fixed lights into framing sections. Doors are glazed by beads internally, and all rails have extruded glazing rebate upstands for increased security.

Shall conform to BS 6262 Document N. Dry glaze gaskets are used internally and externally. Single Glazing: 6-10mm. Double Glazing: 20-28mm.

Polyester powdercoating of agreed and standard RAL/BS Colours to BS EN 12206-12004 (BS6496). Anodised finishes to BS 3987.

Section performance requirements must be calculated from site conditions and all loading requirements. Please contact Universal’s technical office for advice and support regarding the application of relevant BS standards.

MS200 Series cannot be used as slope glazing but at Universal, we have alternative systems to achieve this requirement.

Size Limitations
Door leaves may be manufactured to a maximum area of 2.8m2. Maximum height 2400mm, maximum width, 1150mm. Maximum door leaf weight is 100kg. Concealed Transom Closers, the maximum width of the door leaf should not exceed the following:

  • 8811 (Light Duty Closer) - 750mm
  • 8812 (Medium/Standard Closer) - 950mm
  • 8813 (Heavy Duty Closer) - 1150mm

At A Glance
  • Slim 45mm x 100mm Sight lines
  • To accept 6 to 12mm and 20 to 28mm glazing.
  • Bead or pocket glazed.
  • 90 degree corner profiles and 3 way glazing are available.
  • Low and rebate thresholds are available.
  • Fast and easy fabrication.

  • Horizontal rails have integral external glazing rebate for extra security.
  • Pivot, Hinged, rebated, manual and automatic sliding options.
  • Anti-finger trap option available.
  • To accept 6 to 12mm and 20 to 24mm glazing.
  • Accepts all standard commercial door hardware.
  • Fast and easy fabrication.

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